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   TTS do Academic, Real time based projects on 8051, ARDUINO, Rasphberry Pi, Cortex technologies along with our expert guidance and tutorials that help in fulfilling your requirement and mostly target in providing solutions to problems faced in the society. These projects are designed on Multi application based in different sectors so as to help you become more productive, increasing your chances of getting recruited in a core company or getting into any esteemed university for masters. The skills, in addition to your technical skills, can only be groomed by doing engineering projects practically.

list of projects


   Agriculture Sector is the backbone of India. Some of the major problems in Indian Agricultural are rising of input costs, availability of skilled labours, lack of water resources and crop monitoring. To overcome these problems Machines are the only Solutions, Here Robots are being developed for the processes such as Planting, Seed Sowing, Ploughing and Watering. Multi functionalities are bit cmoplex with a single robot, but here is a prototype with us.


   According to the W.H.O., About 30 million people are estimated to be permanently blind worldwide. Here is a Prototype model "Techno Blind Stick" which supports blind People to walk independently and with more supportively. This walking stick warns while their walking path was obstructed with any object or obstacle and generates a warning signal by a voice module and creates vibrations to alert the user. This Project can be extended by GPS for location tracking status and for Location updates.


   Now-a-days, the health care sensors are playing an essential role in hospitals. The patient monitoring system is one of the major developments because of its innovative technology. An automatic wireless health monitoring system is used to measure patient’s body temperature and heartbeat by using embedded technology.The proposed system uses both heartbeat and temperature sensors. These sensors mainly involves in monitoring the condition of the patient.


    In many places fire accidents are being happening instantly which worth's not only the lifes of people but also distruction properties. It is difficult to bring down the fire instantly and more over it's a risk of Human life as well. In this context we developed a robtic vehicle capable of detecting the presence of fire and extinguishing it automatically. It is a movable robot which is operated via android mobile. It detects the fire and starts its operation to extinguish the fire using different modes.


    We know that the railway network of India is the biggest network in South Asia and perhaps the busiest network in all over the world. Unfortunately there are few accidents taken place in different areas. Along with this, fire accidents are more common which was not known by the train driver instantly. As already known in India one of the major accident happens while crossing railway gates. So this project is a prototype model of Implementing Solution for the above three problems in simplest way.


    Now a day's flying objects are playing very important role in the society. With Multi applications in different categories like Agriculture, Military and General Events. "Quadcopter" is a smart electronic device which can be used to save time in Transportation. It is a smart flying mechanical vehicle that can be used in live photo and video capturing purposes also. Additionally there are different Models and Material of Quad Copter which are from Toy level to Human Flying Drone based upon the Specs and availability.


   A Security Land Rover is a concept of creating a Multi Modular Vehicle which is used in Military Applications and Remote areas. By using this Land Rover we can drill the rocks and cut the plants so as to clear the path by using Driller Cone attached to it. With the help of Metal Detector circuit it can identify the bombs and Mines during the path. If an wireless cam is added then it acts as a Survival lance systems which helps us to monitor targets. This helps in reducing the risk of Human life in Military.


    Smart Cities are the upcoming development in the recent days and when there is a requirement for Smart waste management the first idea we get is "Swatch Bharat". In this context we have designed a Smart Dustbin which makes our task more effectively and easily. The working of this Smart Dustbin is it opens and closes its hatch automatically when any person is nearer to it and with the help of Sensor it constantly measures the level of garbage in the bin which makes us to know the level of the garbage too.