Teck Team Solutions is a new gateway for the world of Robotics and Electronics. It is a company established with an aim to provide high quality Technical and Innovative Engineering services to its clients all over Andhra Pradesh. Our Progressive Thinking and Creative approach is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We are proud to showcase that this is the first company in Andhra Pradesh to be a ISO 9001:2015 certified in the Domain of Robotics.

   Teck Team Solutions is scheduled to begin operations from 2014 with the advent of technology and science in this world, there is the need for humans to adapt with every changing scenario.The new vision of TTS is always being on the top and it is a platform for all of them who want to learn and explore their hidden knowledge and where they can bring their knowledge in real time. Now it’s our turn to create a electronic hub where the Research and Development team comes under one roof ,where they get a healthy and friendly environment to work and expand their knowledge with the help of Technical Seminars, Workshops, Innovative Discussion etc with Research Scholars and Young Engineers.

   The next generation is going to be an era of Automation where man is relentlessly fighting hard to reduce the human efforts and wanted to minimize his manual works in every spectra of life. In this world, there stands an epitome of tech-savvy company which is like to revolutionize the people with their immense knowledge and innovations. This company has its own pillars of inspiration built within and bedrock for all its innovations and inventions are its challenging team. This team has a hunger for technology and is real prodigies of knowledge. We work as a team and as one when it comes to a new challenge.

  Now our company should be an exemplary Institution in the State with an ideology to promote Innovative and Research activities in Engineering and Technology. Our students should play a pivot role in the global development with a commitment to upgrade the living standards of the mankind. Our company shall be a unique of its kind with the blessings of our well-wishers and our students shall be a boon to the Technological Society.


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